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Organic Vegetables

What is a CSA?

And Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?: FAQ

What is a CSA program?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an alternative economic model that supports local production and distribution of food and creates solidarity between farmers and their communities. Becoming a member of a CSA means that you are taking the responsibility for how your food is produced and enabling farmers to grow produce through sustainable and ecologically positive methods. 

Through a direct relationship, the farmer and the consumer share the risks and rewards that come with producing food naturally. When you join a CSA you accept that the success of each crop varies from year to year.

By paying for a whole season's worth of vegetables before harvest actually begins, allows our farm to accurately budget and plan ahead for the amount of produce we need to plant. We do not receive any funding or subsidies for our work and so your support really makes a difference! 

By purchasing your share of vegetables, you will become an active and valued member of our farm family!

What do you grow?

Here at Wild Daisy, we strive to provide lots of variety in our CSA produce, from kitchen staples (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and garlic) to things you won't easily find in your local grocery store.

However, because we are at the mercy of Mother Nature we cannot provide a week by week list of the produce you can expect.

Is your produce chemical free?

Yes. We grow our non-GMO produce using only natural, chemical-free methods. We pride ourselves on using sustainable, organic production techniques and mostly renewable energy.

What if I have a picky eater in my family?

The beauty of our CSA is, your CSA share is not a prepackaged box. When you come to pick up your box every week, CSA members are able to pick and choose from the items available (limits are set on less abundant items).

This year we will also be featuring a community table at our pickup location. The community table will be a first come first serve table featuring produce that did not grow abundantly enough to offer to everyone. So if you don't like something offered that week, you can chose to replace it with something from the community table.

What if I need produce for my restaurant or a special event?

Having a large party, making jam, or want to feature a local farm at your restaurant?

We can help with that! If you ever want to order a specific type of produce throughout the season (i.e. 10 dozen ears of corn, 7 lb of tomatoes, or Microgreen salads) please contact us and we can discuss your special order!

Why chose Wild Daisy Farms?

When you join our CSA, you are also joining our family. We started this business because we are passionate about farming and want to provide our fellow Wisconsin families the amazing produce that they deserve.

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